Wednesday, February 8, 2012

XPO Bowl Sunday!

Davis, CA | Zeta Chapter XPO House | Epsilon v. Zeta
I'm not a big football fan and when the Niners got knocked out of the playoffs, the little interest I had in the Super Bowl went away too.  So on this Super Bowl Sunday I was more excited to kick it with XPO during  the second Zeta v. Epsilon game.  There's been a lot of talking between chapters in the last few weeks and a lot of claims to back up.  Anyways, enough talking and on to the pics!


After four quarters, some fighting words, and a bunch of injuries, the game ended with Zeta: 28 and Epsilon: 21.  Everyone had a dope time and afterwards watched the big game at the XPO house.  Of course my favorite part of the day was taking pictures.  

*All pictures taken with a Nikon D300 body and Nikkor 70-300mm VR lens.