Tuesday, January 18, 2011

California Love!

One of the things that truly separates XPO from other fraternities is the closeness we have between chapters.  You really do have a home wherever you have brothers.  And from the 14th to the 17th that home was in SoCal.  Dom had a second meeting at West Coast University so Jhan, Poline and I came along for the trip.

Packed up my clothes into my dad's Marlboro duffel bag.  Gotta rock the Huf hat when visiting Eta Chapter!  ["H" is the greek letter for Eta and XPO's Eta Chapter is Cal Poly Pomona]

-XPO 319 ZM- , XPO 268 ZI-, XPO 231 ZH-, XPO 291 Z Lambda-

One of the funny moments on the trip down.  Ever see Zoolander and Ben Stiller's "Blue Steel" pose???  Well Poline was wearing two sets of glasses so I told him to model.  He does a face and says "Code Blue..."  Wow.. hahaha.

Hollywood for lunch.  Hella creepy costumed people.

Happy birthday Ryan and Leslie!  Pomona XPO house ftw!

Lunch with the brothers and some friends at a Thai place in Walnut, CA.  

Poline's dog and my godson, Kue.  His name means Wolverine.  He was getting kinda smelly so before driving back to Davis I gave him a bath.  He was not down for that, haha.  Look how sad he was.

Downtown Disney!  This was the last stop of our SoCal adventure.  Final dinner at ESPN Zone.

Final shot in SoCal.  Right when we got back to the parking lot at Downtown Disney the evening fireworks display started going off.  I didn't have a tripod so this was the best I could do on the hood of Dom's car.

Overall it was an awesome trip and much needed visit to SoCal.  Always good seeing Eta and Theta.  Hope it's not too long until we all kick it again!  Big thanks to XPO 342 Jimmy Giang for housing us!  Guacamole!