Monday, May 27, 2013

Falling In Love With Film

I already own a few old film cameras - Nikon FG, Canonet QL19, Nikon N80, Pentax K1000. Some of them were gifts, others I found at flea markets/craigslist. Although really great cameras, none of them has gotten me excited about analog photography like this Nikon FTN. 

Last Saturday I traded my rarely used Olympus EP1 body for this Nikon FTN and 50mm f2 lens. I've always wanted the Nikon F because it is THE classic Nikon camera. It is the camera that made Nikon what it is today - establishing Nikon's reputation of performance, quality and consistency. It's over 40 years old and still works like new today. 

I plan on doing a full post about the camera and its different features; it's really an amazing piece. For now, check out the few pictures I've taken with it. I am falling in love with this camera and as a result, falling in love with analog photography too.